About the Artist:
My search for knowledge and understanding of the creative process began as a child. Skills with tools and knowledge of craftsmanship were gained working in my grandfather’s woodworking shop and later renovating and building houses while in high school and college. My architectural studies at the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Fine Arts also included painting, sculpture and ceramics. I learned machine and industrial production design working with an inventor and an English trained master tool and die maker. My re-introduction to ceramics began with my daughters in a recreational ceramics program in 1982. Although detoured from ceramics by 35 years as an architect and project manager, my interest in ceramics remained. Here in Colorado, in 2006, my youngest daughter re-introduced me to ceramics, which included my first experience with the dynamic and unpredictable process of Raku.   

Artist Statement: My Raku pieces evolve from an intuitive sense of space, geometric form, positive and negative volumes, texture, pattern, color and dynamic balance. Select pieces include a combination of ceramic, copper and mirrors. All my finished works are hand-built, shaped and connected using unique forming, patterning, bonding and assembly techniques.  
The Process: Raku is a method of firing pottery where each piece is fired in a kiln until the piece reaches 1,750F to 1,800F. Each piece is removed, with tongs, while red hot and placed in a reduction chamber, usually a metal can with a combustible material, like paper. Once the combustible material ignites the chamber is sealed. The fire and smoke react with the glaze to create very unique and unpredictable colors, lusters, and patterns. Each piece of Raku is a one of a kind work of art!
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